SOCKS 5 Proxy is the latest SOCKS protocol with enhanced security. It has three types of authentication methods: Works Well With P2P Platforms. As SOCKS5 Proxy transfers smaller data packets

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Set a SOCKS (v5) proxy. SOCKS host: localhost, port: 10080 2. Click OK, then another OK to close the Options window. 3. Browse a site that requires the SOCKS tunnel, does not work. 4. Open Options window and SOCKS settings windows (Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings) Actual Results: The previously set SOCKS host and port disappear.

Socks5 proxy is an internet protocol that exchanges network packets between clients and the server with the help of a proxy server. Socks or "Socket Secure" is a protocol that is used for proxy servers. Works well in terms of protection:

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